Our Story - Learntinue

As parents of school-going kids, we have had the first-hand experience of navigating through various online learning resources, using different apps/websites for different age-groups, skills and purposes, deciding between free vs. paid, ad or ad-free, safe or unsafe, course vs. hobbies etc. etc. With the number of choices out there in the market, each providing unique learning content and experience, we as a parent have found the whole online learning experience a bit too overwhelming and the effort and costs just keeps adding up and we keep downing bottles of wine.

And wait what about our learning needs, constant learning to stay relevant and ahead in one’s profession is another challenge, let’s leave it for another day. But seriously we have the same problem out there for adults too. Some of us are privileged to have access to learning systems through our employers, others end up prioritizing kids learning needs over their own. And what about the cost and challenge of reskilling for mums after long maternity breaks. More wine, please!

This is when we found our purpose, our calling, we didn’t have to look far for inspiration, Netflix has been there right in front of us, we love it, kids love it. It’s simple, login, choose your profile and it will recommend you what to watch and what’s trending etc. Why can’t we make the learning experience as simple as that, just create your profile, set your learning interests and goals and continue learning?

There’s another beauty about Netflix model, affordability. We get access to some of the world’s best content, serving the wide interest of the whole family at more or less the same cost as that of a cinema ticket for one person. We wanted to make learning also affordable and accessible to everyone. Why prioritise the learning needs of one family member against the other, when all members can continue learning with one subscription.

And that’s how we started Learntinue, our purpose is to make Learning Simple, Accessible & Affordable. Our story has just started, we have taken the first few important steps and with the purpose so big we will need all your support to make this success.

Cheers to Learntinue!

If you like our story, share our passion to make learning Simple, Accessible & Affordable, then please share and if would like to contribute then please get in touch. We need users, content creators, presenters, designers, experts and investors.