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Make Halloween 2020 a Night to Remember

Halloween weekend is upon us, but for many families – especially those with young children — the annual ‘trick or treat’ doorbell ringing and collection of sweets and chocolate won’t be happening at all this year. But that’s the end of the disappointing news. Learntinue is here to provide some fun (and often sustainable) ideas on how to make Halloween 2020 a memorable one, for all the right reasons.

Making and Baking

Crafting for Halloween can’t be stopped by Covid. In our half-term post we talked out collecting pine cones, leaves and conkers. Now’s the time to apply the paint or glitter to those nature finds and use them as decorations for your celebrations. Further Halloween decoration hacks that can be made with stuff in your home include origami paper pumpkins or bat garlands, cotton wool spider webs and paper plate ghosts.

When it comes to cooking up a spooky storm, there’s a host of simple but fun recipe sites to choose from. We’ve road-tested the scarily good ghost biscuits and chocolate cupcakes over here and are definitely planning on serving up some slices of the spider pizza, too.

Fun and Games on Halloween Night

Further Halloween fun comes in the ghostly shape of apple bopping, pin the tail on the witch’s broom, spooky storytelling, face painting and of course a costume parade – even if there’s less contestants than usual! One of our favourite forms of entertainment is the frighteningly good fun ‘feel box’. Decorate a shoe box, turn off the lights and place a ‘surprise’ inside. Kids and adults then must figure out what the object is without looking.

Get More from your Pumpkin Crop

Whether you’ve picked your own pumpkins or bought them from a shop, this is the year to do more than carve it up for your lanterns. At Learntinue, we’re not wasting a single morsel of this delicious and versatile vegetable. 

What could be better on a cold Autumn night than pumpkin soup or a big wedge of pumpkin pie? From a warming broth to bread with a difference, find further recipe ideas here. Don’t forget the health benefits and great taste of those pumpkin seeds; rich in magnesium, potassium and anti-oxidants., they’re nature’s gift to the diet. Roast them up for a few minutes for a crunchy salad or baked potato topping or throw them in with some rice for extra texture.

Leftover pumpkin flesh is also a safe and delicious treat for wildlife. Garden visitors such as squirrels, badgers and birds will happily tuck into pumpkin, but please ensure it’s well chopped up and free from candle wax, tea light holders or any other unnatural bits and bobs. You can even add older pumpkin past it’s eat-by to compost.

A hearty meal

At Learntinue, we hope that in these uncertain times our DIY Halloween suggestions add some smiles and engaging entertainment to your plans. Now, more than ever, there are many communities and families struggling with resources. That’s why all our ideas are focused on getting more from the resources you already have.

Have fun this weekend and keep an eye out for anything unusual overhead on a broomstick.

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