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From one milestone to another, continue learning.

As we grow up, we go through the rigour of multiple milestones – entrance exams, skill assessments, job interviews & lifestyle choices. The initial milestones until our teen years vary from country to country, but the one in our later stages are pretty much similar and global. Based on the university we attend, specialization we choose, one could pretty much chart professional journey with high accuracy.

Early year until teens

A lot at this stage depends on parents and parenting approach. While some parents just go with the flow enjoying these beautiful years, others already have a plan and everything they do is part of this plan. 

Parents should always remember that these are initial milestones and whatever be the result, your child will have many more milestones to show their true strengths, so just focus on interest areas and make sure you stay confident and if you don’t have a plan then this is a good time to start thinking about one.

Teen years

Those with a plan will be executing and adjusting according to results, others will be discovering their natural interests and finding their passion.  It is in these years that the influence of parents start reducing and one becomes more independent, starting to make their own choices. Therefore, it is important at this stage that one has exposure to right role models in society and have access to quality information and debates, as this will help shape their interests & views. At Learntinue, we have rich content to help with career choices and to inspire young minds with inspirational TED-Ed talks and insightful debates on current affairs.

Adulthood and beyond

Early adulthood is busy crossing one milestone after another, be it undergraduate courses or apprenticeships or interviews for that first job or vocational training. Once in work, we are often judged by our last job, who we worked for and which area, boxing us into an industry and domain. 

Everything is possible


In the current world with so much of analytics around, it has become much easier to reach our milestones provided we have the right information at hand and ability to analyse and chart the most suitable path. And with that purpose we have created Learntinue, having all the content, learning history and learning trends in one place and to this add magic of our analytics we are able to help our users cruise from one milestone to another and enjoy the learning journey.


Equipped with quality learning data and family history data, I think we can easily develop a fortune teller app which will predict future accurately and give the fortune-tellers run for their money 🙂

Fortune teller