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How Parents Can Access Their Inner Teacher

When it comes to being actively involved in your child’s education and learning, you’ve probably had more opportunity to do that of late. While many of us were already on hand to help with homework and study techniques, the long-lasting impact of Covid-19 and the closure of the traditional classroom, means we’ve all had to master being both parent and teacher – often at the same time.

But this more hands-on approach shouldn’t just be for times of emergency. There’s a host of reasons why helping your children to learn throughout their educational life is beneficial. At Learntinue, we’ve done the hard work for you. We have learnt along the way what sustains our children’s interest and what doesn’t. That’s why our ongoing mission, as parents and educators, is to curate and deliver some of the best learning materials and teaching methods available via our platform. 

1. Creating the right environment

Before learning begins, what does the space look like to you? The benefit over the classroom is that you can control everything from the view to when is a good time for a break. Make it an engaging area but without too much clutter or distraction. Ensure you have everything you need for the day ahead, from art equipment to books, and that if you’re planning on online learning, all the devices are in working order. Why not hear from one of our recommended experts on how to optimize a study space?

Have you got a separate area for downtime? When it’s time for a break, both parents and children need a change of scenery and activity. Even a break can be an opportunity to expand knowledge with Learntinue. Check out our inspirational and educational science videos for alternative ways to learn.

2. Getting on the same page

Have you prepared for the learning experience? Do you really know what topics your children should be exploring at this stage? Are you as excited as them to know more? Your child is likely to know when you’d rather be doing something else or perhaps you don’t know as much about Roman Britain or photosynthesis as you think you do. Read up in advance and be ready to read it all again with them. Learning is a two-way street so find answers to questions together by utilising the tools, tips and materials that are easily accessed with your family Learntinue package. Researching is an essential life skill, so rather than not providing an answer, find solutions together by diving into the world of engaging resources that come with your Learntinue subscription.

3. Go beyond the books and get creative

Education beyond the classroom doesn’t have to copy the standard learning model. As a parent, you have access to a world of immersive resources. Find and watch suitable documentaries that support their learning and development on your streaming service and be ready to follow that up with planned outings to museums or places of interest. If these places are not currently open, many of them offer virtual tours which can be just as much fun, without the travel and waiting in line! If you have access to open or green space, make the most of it. A bit of rain shouldn’t put you off from getting a closer look at nature and enjoying some physical activity. It’s a great reason for both parents and children to unplug from the computer and close the books occasionally. And for those ‘stay indoors’ days, why not follow up on one or two of our arts and craft project ideas. There are plenty of pumpkins around right now, so rather than carving out the usual face, how about trying our pumpkin piano?

This is just your starter for three. Along with the other members of the Learntinue team, I’ll be posting more on parent teaching techniques and materials, as well as things to do in the holidays and gifting this Christmas.

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Vinod is the founder of Learntinue and parent to 2 kids of school age. His interest in what and how they were learning was the reason why he hit upon and developed the great idea of Learntinue. Drawing on both his wealth of professional technology experience and his years of being a devoted dad, he has successfully launched the Learntinue learning platform, making a host of online content available to all the family.

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