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Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day

Of late, the world has seen myriad changes which are good, bad and ugly in nature. Some of it is so new, that it goes beyond the paradigm of categorization. Concepts like virtual birthday parties, online schooling and work from home are all part of what we call ‘The New Normal’.

We often come across the good old phrase where they say that “Change is the only constant” but what about our mothers? They have been as constant as the Polaris since time immemorial. Perhaps our mothers are the only constants, who have stood with the same idea of motherhood while withstanding the vagaries of time. 

Whether it’s those unpredictable growing years, a gloomy day with all the unwanted blues or even the pandemic, our mothers know exactly what’s wrong with our day and comes with just the right antidote to brighten our lives.

But what about them? Unlike most of us, mothers often have to make multiple ends meet which is incomparable to our concept of multitasking. Not only she puts the family before her, but also makes numerous sacrifices along the way to makes things right for everyone.

For instance, it has been a very common sight to see mothers switch roles from being a housewife to a corporate woman or becoming our friend, etc. 

It’s an old-world norm that learning is at the heart of any developmental process, does not matter which stage of life one is in. When it comes to our mothers, they have been an integral part of our learning curve since day one. Knowingly or unknowingly, we all have learnt from our mothers in many different ways. Whether it’s through their compassion or their life skills or in general through her involvement in our academics, etc. mothers are a unique species of teachers that we have been blessed with.

But in our daily mundane lives, we often tend to undermine this fact. It goes without saying that it has never been easy for our mothers. Along the way they have to face multiple challenges, some of which are listed below:

1. Work-life balance: Talk about a working mother and a picture of an overworked woman with hardly any leisure time for herself comes to our mind. And, especially during parenting years, the routine gets even more hectic for the mothers to find that ideal work-life balance. They are often found coping with things like fatigue, burnout, mood swings, etc. as they don’t get much quality time for themselves where they can rejuvenate.

2. Emotional strains: The feeling that a mother feels for her child cannot be duplicated. Therefore, it’s only too obvious that the emotional strain that she must go through while giving her time at other activities instead of the child will also be very strenuous. Not only it burdens her with guilt but also makes a rift for depression to flow in.

3. Responsibility: Being a mother means more responsibility. And, responsibility is directly proportional to stress. Quite often working mothers get an inadequate feeling that they are just not able to give enough time to anything and especially themselves. No matter what they do there is always that sinking feeling that it’s just not enough. This stress eventually leads the way to bigger problems like blood pressure, diabetes, hormonal imbalances, etc.

4. Me-time: In a constant to and fro attempt of doing enough, that too everywhere, mothers are mostly devoid of me-time. They get no time for personal growth, hobbies, etc. They often complain about having to deal with a saturated feeling that arises out of a monotonous routine with no time for any extra voluntary activity whatsoever. 

If there’s anyone who actually needs that special care or privilege in terms of working on their self whether it’s for wellness, hobbies, or areas related to portfolio upliftment, it has to be our mothers. As they are the ones who have always made the sacrifices, not given themselves priority or the time to simply rejuvenate and instead have always worked towards making the world better for others. It’s time we think about them. A very happy mother’s day to all the mothers.

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