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Find your Family’s Route to Online Learning with Learntinue

Choices, choices, choices. If you’ve started to explore the range of online learning possibilities, you’ll know that the options can be quite overwhelming. How do you match your needs and budget with what’s out there? A learning platform may sound great, but does it helps you meet your goals and the goals of your family too? Most importantly, have you considered what you really want to get from your membership and learning? 

While some providers, such as Learntinue offer a holistic selection of educational and informative content, others do a good job of focussing on a particular topic, such as maths or science. And breaking that down further, some of these platforms cater for an age group, such as primary school kids, while others have an ongoing skills and development program for life.

Questions, questions, questions?

Well, don’t panic – we have answers. At Learntinue, we’ve done some competitor analysis of our own and hope to offer some insights and information on our own platform and how this compares to some of the other options available.

What’s the Cost?

Some websites or articles would have you searching and scanning for hours when it comes to the subject of cost and subscription for their product. Not us. We’re putting it out there that a family membership to our platform is £6.99 per month ( $8.99 pm ), no contract, cancel anytime. We’ll talk more about what that subscription gets you in a bit, but in summary, that’s full access to educational programmes, tutorials and expert presentations which cover kids as young as three through to adults considering career changes and further education, or even those in retirement looking to learn a new skill.

Comparative study of online learning offerings in the market
Analysis of various online learning offering in the market, correct as of Sep 2020

While there are undoubtedly some excellent suppliers out there among our competitors, many of them charge by the course and by the person enrolled, so one module or subject could range in price from £10-£100. For some of the life and work skills suppliers, such as Coursera, your place of employment may well step in and cover at least part of the cost, but it comes at a price for someone down the line. There are also providers that engage directly with schools or local education authorities, but in this example, it won’t be you deciding on the content! In many cases, signing up to these providers is the responsibility of a parent, and can be as expensive, if not more so, than face-to-face tuition. That’s a lot of finance to invest in a platform that may or may not help with your child’s learning.

Your own Profile and Personalised Content

Learntinue is unique in this area, and the only name in the mix that offers the multi-member subscription with unlimited access to all the content there is. Like certain other multi-member content entertainment platforms, we believe in the principle of each person having their own profile and area. If you have a child that’s studying for entrance exams, they can watch and learn in their time on their television or device. If your partner has decided to learn computer coding, they access under their profile name, and if you want to be on top of climate change developments, you can build a profile around that personalised content.

Where in the World are you?

In a world that seems to be following one digital path, this may not sound like a relevant consideration. For now, it is. This is especially true for those in the market for an educational platform for school-age learners. What we learn, how we learn and when, are still key considerations, with curriculum varying sometimes between states, let alone countries. In India, for example, there are several providers who target children from 5-18. Byju, who are currently reaching around 40 million households with their learning must be getting it right. But that’s ‘getting it right’ for India. And bear in mind, their subscription is per person, per subject, so educational support has a price tag. Masterclass and Flocabulary specifically serve the US, and again there is more emphasis on courses for the relevant school years. 

The Learntinue platform is currently focussing on the UK and India. Once more, this gives us a special position in the market as only one other competitor is making the UK their key audience. With this in mind, we curate educational content that aligns with local learning and thinking while also providing some of the most original global documentaries and series that have been made. 

What is your Interest?

There are a handful of providers who are doing well from specialising in one age group or learning area. For example, there’s a global push to get young people coding or building websites from an early age and there are platforms that concentrate on that alone. There are also those providers that could write the script for school entrance exams, passing GSCE’s or getting into a good university. 

Learntinue recognize the importance of all the aforementioned skills and stages and have the tools to support each and everyone, plus a whole lot more. We celebrate the value of music, drama, and the arts – all the things that add colour and depth to standard learning. And in this current time of limited access to museums, galleries, and places of interest, we’re also committed to offering virtual tours and digital access to these special venues.