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No FOMO, No Urgency, Not the Best!

Learntinue platform is ready, features tested & working, integration completed with access to over million learning content from around the world! All we need now are users and how do we get them and get them sooner? Do we make tall claims, create urgency, call ourselves the best of best or create FOMO? 

How can we be the best when we have just started?

We ask ourselves this question many times. We also ask, Do we want to be best? And best of what? 

We want our users to rate us as the best and obviously, it is going to take time. First, we need to get enough users and start a conversation with them and then continue to listen to their feedback and implement what is relevant to our users and us as parents, learners and family members.

What kind of tall claims we make?

Like those fortune tellers, where all your problems will be solved if you wear sapphire or ruby ring on your middle finger on Thursdays. We all know that there is no instant gratification in this world apart from unexpected acts of kindness. 

Will we make you next Einstein or would our music lessons inspire you to become next Mozart or will our collection of career preparation content enable you to get the best job. There is no limit to the imagination when it comes to tall claims, but they have to be all achieved by our users and it truly depends on their potential and hard work. We just want to enable our users and reduce the cost and complexity of the access to learning content.

We will be very happy if, over the years, our learning content helps learners to follow their passion without having to break the bank and without sacrificing other good things in life – like vacations or simply one’s own dreams.

Why do we need to create urgency & FOMO?

Why create urgency when we are here for the long run? Try Now! Offer expires midnight! Last few places available! On the contrary as a user myself, I have observed that the best deals are available after the offer has expired. 

Learntinue's Value - No FOMO|No Urgency| No Tall Claims


We, the Learntinue team would like to market our platform to users the same way we as parents expect others to market their products to us, with honesty, integrity and without urgency. No FOMO, No Urgency and No Tall Claims, we are here for the long run and our offering will get better with each passing month.

Wishing all our users & readers a very happy Christmas/Holidays and a positive New Year.

Wishing all our users & readers a very happy Christmas/Holidays and a positive New Year.