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Happy Mother’s Day
Happy Mother's Day

If there’s anyone who actually needs that special care or privilege in terms of working on their self whether it’s for wellness, hobbies, or areas related to portfolio upliftment, it has to be our mothers. As they are the ones who have always made the sacrifices, not given themselves priority or the time to simply rejuvenate and instead have always worked towards making the world better for others. It’s time we think about them. A very happy mother’s day to all the mothers.

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Be good for goodness sake!

We, the Learntinue team would like to market our platform to users the same way we as parents expect others to market their products to us, with honesty, integrity and without urgency. No FOMO, No Urgency and No Tall Claims, we are here for the long run and our offering will get better with each passing month.

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Getting ready for secondary school
Ready for Secondary School

Whilst secondary school can feel like a scary time for the whole family, with a bit of preparation, the jump can be a lot more manageable.

At Learntinue, we’re passionate about making learning achievable for families. Watch out for more blogs about making the transition to secondary school, and how to optimise learning for your entire family; and to see what content we have for the 11+ prep, sign up for a free trial on learrntinue.ai.

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Why I like FinTech, EdTech & NewsTech?

Achievements in our society have always been proportional to effort and input, while effort depends on an individual, input is an area which startups can work on and if everyone has access to the same input, we certainly will have a more equal society. This is the very reason I like and have high hopes from EdTech, FinTech & NewsTech startups.

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