Learntinue - Frequently Asked Questions

Learntinue FAQ

London, United Kingdom

Updated: 09th January 2021

  • How much does Learntinue Cost?

Our monthly subscriptions costs are as below:

  • United Kingdom – £6.99 per month
  • India – INR 699/- per month
  • Other Countries – USD 8.99 per month

Our subscription includes unlimited access to all our content across all categories and access to all features which we will roll out as we grow.

Cancel anytime through website, no contracts, no refunds, use your subscription until end of your subscription period.

Simple | Accessible | Affordable

  • What offers are available?

Thanks for visiting the Learntinue website. We have below offers for all of our customers:

  1. 15 days free trial period, no credit card required for registration, cancel anytime.
  2. Invite your friends and we will add 1 extra week to your trial period per successful registration, maximum up to 4 weeks.
  3. Up to 40% off on our yearly subscription

Our offers do not have an expiry date as we do not believe in creating urgency or FOMO, so do take your time and we suggest starting with your free trial and if Learntinue is not for you then you can delete your account through the website.

  • What is Learntinue?

Learntinue is an online learning platform, built for families & households. Our aim is to provide family’s access to quality learning content on our platform, sourced from all over the world, for all age groups and interest types and all under one subscription.

Our motto is One Family, One Platform!

  • Where did the concept of Learntinue come from?

As parents of two school going kids and working in the technology industry where learning is constant, we were struggling with various learning systems, one for each subject, different for different age group, password management for kids systems and access to different LMS systems through work. Some free, some paid, some part of perks at work, but the experience was overwhelming! We had our own Eureka moment and decide to solve this problem for us and hopefully for most of the families around the world.

Read more here – Our Story.

Watch our concept video here.

  • Is there an explainer video for Learntinue?

Yes we do have one, watch our concept video here.

  • Tell us more about your content? Does Learntinue create content too?

Our model is based around sourcing learning content – learning videos, practise tests and quizzes from the creators in the industry. Most of the content already exists and there are niche players in the industry doing one thing and doing well, our goal is to identify them, partner with them and license their content on our platform.

While our current priority is to source content; but we are open to creating content in future. We will do so only when we are convinced that we are not reinventing the wheel and have the capability to create quality content.

  • Where do you source your content from? Tell us more about your content partners?

Our content partners include both companies/institutions and individuals. Companies include other EdTechs, online content publishers & aggregators of online content.

One of our partners is aggregator and licenses content from other content partners, giving us access to 100’s of other content creators. We will soon be adding a page or section in our website listing our key partners.

Rest assured all the content on our platform is licensed to be there.

  • Why do you have learning content from YouTube?

We do have some learning content which is freely available on YouTube too. Most of the content providers have their own YouTube channels and publish/license their content on multiple platforms to maximise reach and returns.

Some content providers publish a part of their content on YouTube for publicity too, in such cases, we may have access to full content and a part of which would be available on YouTube too.

  • How is Learntinue different from YouTube and Google?

YouTube and Google are transactional systems, you have to ask them a question to get an answer, sometimes they provide your exact answer or nearest answers, but always with Ads as distractions. They do not provide you with any learning paths.

On the other hand, our content is focussed on learning, our forte is in bringing you best learning content and enhancing your learning experience. Once we have a significant volume of data, we will be able to provide personalised learning paths, dedicated to generating interest, igniting passion and nurturing life long learning, without any distractions.

Distractions are not good when your intention is to learn. When my kids watch anything on YouTube, they always come back with demands for new toys or set of questions on-topic not relevant to them.

  • What type of Analytics do you use?

For us to use Analytics, we need a significant amount of user data with user activity to generate meaning insight and then use modern technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to create interesting & meaning Learning paths which will take you into breadth and depth of topics, in-process generating interest, finding your passion and nurturing it.

Until then we do have some rudimentary analytics implemented which is based on your learning history on our platform.

  • How will the Analytics help improve my learning experience?

Every individual has his/her own learning styles and learns at their own pace. Analytics will help us understand your interests, your style – videos, practise tests, explainers, illustrations, affinity to a particular type of content creators/presenter etc and the pace at which your learn – this could be whether you like bitesize learning or prefer long & detailed learning content etc.

Equipped with this data and access to the vast variety & amount of learning content, we are sure we will be able to find best match and take you on interesting learning journeys.

If not, we will fine-tune our algorithm until we get it right!

  • How do I get to share my content on Learntinue platform?

If you have content which you would like to share on Learntinue platform, then please get in touch with us at content@learntinue.ai. Our content sourcing team will take the discussion forward with you.

  • Why do we need profiles?

Profiles provide you with the personalised learning experience, including your own activity summary and learning analytics.

Using profiles information, we will be able to provide tailored recommendations and information about trending learning videos to each profile owner.

Also, it is easy to track learning activities separately in the history and summary section, in-case you want to continue learning a topic or revise a topic at a later date.

  • How many profiles can one subscribing user create?

We allow 5 profiles per subscription, including main account holders profile.

  • What if I have a large family and need more than 5 profiles?

We do allow additional profiles for large families provided you are part of the same family and residing at the same address. Please send us details of additional profiles through the support request form on the Contact Us page and we will be happy to add it on a case by case basis.

  • How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription or trial any time by using the Cancel option on the “My Account” page.

This Account page can be accessed by clicking on the profile avatar and navigating to the “My Account” page. Once your request is successful, you will still continue to have access to all our content until the end of your current subscription or trial period.

Alternatively, you can use the support request form on the Contact Us page to request for cancellation of your account. On receipt, we will acknowledge your request and action it within 5 working days.

  • How do I delete my account?

Please use the support request form on the Contact Us to request for deletion of your account. On receipt, we will acknowledge your request and action it within 5 working days.